Managed Services

Welcome to ADVALIO, your trusted partner for cutting-edge telecommunications services. Explore a range of solutions meticulously designed to optimize network efficiency and elevate performance.

Focus on Your Core Activities and Let Advalio Manage All Other Tasks for You


Optimization, Performance & 2G3G4G5G Network Settings Tuning:

Enhance your network performances through a fine-tuning carried out by engineers with large hands-on experience.
Our team is able to identify and reach any possible room of improvements.

Radio Audit of the 2G3G4G5G Operator Network:

By conducting thorough 2G~5G radio audits, we ensure that your network operates at its peak, delivering the best possible services to your users.

Integration of 2G~4G Radio Sites:

Our seamless integration services cover 2G to 5G radio sites, optimizing network coverage and capacity.
We ensure that your radio sites are integrated in a way that maximizes your network efficiency.

Analysis and Reporting of Radio Drive Tests – Customized Reports:

Gain valuable insights through custom radio drive test reports, enabling you to make informed decisions to improve network performance.
Our customized reports provide a detailed analysis of your network's strengths and areas for enhancement, helping you make data-driven decisions.

IP Engineering:

Our IP engineers help you build robust and scalable IP networks, securing data transmission and connectivity.

Design, Architecture, and Planning of Mobile Networks:

We offer expert design, detailed planning, and architecture services to help you build robust and efficient mobile networks.
Our team ensures that your network is strategically designed, taking into account the latest technologies and future growth, so that your users always experience top-notch connectivity.

BackOffice RAN Engineering:

We provide expert engineering solutions to streamline the reliability and performance of your Radio Access Network (RAN).
By optimizing the back-office infrastructure, we ensure that your network operates efficiently and meets the demands of your users.

LAB As a Service (LaAS):

We provide the best cost-effective solution to our customers by providing them with a direct access to our post-processing tools to make their engineers able to carry out necessary analysis if/when needed In a very flexible mode on 24/7 hours.

Operational Support:

Rely on our expertise for ensuring the continuous and reliable operation of your network. We provide operational support to guarantee that your network functions seamlessly, meeting the high standards your users expect.

QoS/QoE Audit & Benchmarking Intra & Inter Operators:

We offer QoS and QoE auditing and benchmarking services to monitor and enhance the user experience. Our assessments cover both intra and inter-operator performance, allowing you to benchmark and improve your network's service quality.

Training: theoretical and practical

we provide practical and theoretical training personalized according to customer needs. These trainings are carried out by Multilingual experienced trainers.